Finance Interview Questions and Answers

Finance Interview Questions

How to Prepare for Technical Finance Interview Questions

As a new academic year begins, we understand that finance interviews are a top concern for many of you. To help you prepare, we will be featuring a series of articles over the next few months covering the most commonly asked technical finance interview questions and answers on various topics such as accounting (in this edition), valuation, and corporate finance.

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How to Tackle Behavioural Interview Questions


The concept behind behavioral interview questions is that prior actions are the best predictor of future behavior. The employer can determine how you would behave in comparable conditions in the position you are applying for by asking thorough questions about particular tasks you completed or experiences you had in a real-life context in previous roles.

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How To Answer ‘What Are Your Hobbies?’ Question In An Interview?

How to Answer "What are Your Hobbies & Interests?"

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in job interviews, and one must prepare the answer for it. Any hiring has a certain set of skills and qualifications that a candidate must possess, but other than hiring for that position the recruitment manager is also recruiting a personality to fill up that position.

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