Neha Lal Founder and CEO

Neha Lal

Founder and CEO

HR is a passion for me. I believe in the power of people, networks and technology. I like to build things. Especially things that solve human problems - like finding the right people for your team, helping people get better, helping companies build a strong culture.

Whether it is Strategic areas of Organization design, Merger integrations, Performance, Compensation & Benefits, Culture, Strategic Hiring and Team building or transactional fields of HR Operations, MIS and Analytics, Employee Engagement - I have directly operated and managed teams while driving results.

With two decades of experience in all fields of HR across US, Europe and India, and deep experience in sophisticated analytics and digitization. I am excited at what we can do with Shrofile.

At Shrofile, we are bringing together the power of deep HR understanding and latest technology. We are building a way for people to express their professional personalities and recruiters to find the right talent for their most important roles.

We have an expert driven executive hiring approach, where each role is deeply understood, each company is treated like an employer brand, and each candidate is nurtured and assessed by experienced senior recruiters.

With our app, we have created a really simple way for people to meet companies through asynchronous video. People can express themselves through videos, and hence look much more authentic and better explained than a paper resume. With video interviews, they can be reviewed by many recruiters with zero logistics costs.

Shrofile today has over 30,000+ profiles, and 30+ clients, Shrofile is scaling up to create a much more human way for candidates and companies to find each other.